Ramsgate Harbour
94,000 tons of Purbeck Stone was transported to Ramsgate between 1764 and 1791

Purbeck Stone

The Great Fire of London of 1666

Did this event affect Swanage?

"After London was burnt some years and the city began to rebuild and flourishing, there was an uncommon call for Purbeck stone, and paving was sold at so high a price as 30s per cwt.  This of course attracted the notice of the neighbourhood round; and numbers of boys from different parishes, at the distance of 20 miles, were apprenticed here to the stone trade and premuims given."

George Manwell wrote to his son on 2nd March 1814

Daniel Defoe wrote in his book "A Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain" published between 1724 and 1727

"Purbeck is eminent for vast quarreys of stone, which is cut out flat, and us'd in London in great quantities for paving court-yards, alleys, avenues to houses, kitchins, footways on the sides of the high streets, and the like: and is very profitable to the place, as also in the number of shipping employed in bringing it to London."

G. A. Cooke's Guide to Dorsetshire quotes

"Mr Chinchen of Swanage estimates the exports of Purbeck stone at 38,750 tons in the 5 years preceding 1801"

Tilly Whim
Tilly Whim

The old Tilly Whim Quarry with Durlston Castle in the distance.

This turn of the century postcard shows the Tilly Whim Quarry.  It was closed soon after the end of the war with France.  This caused great hardship in Swanage as the demand for stone needed for fortifications ceased.

The postcard was sent to Miss T Clements, "Far View" Weston Road, Romford.  It was posted at 4.30pm on 14th ? 1914.

"Had a lovely time will be sorry to come back.  There are a lot of lovely spring flowers.  With love, Ellie"