Skeleton found at Ulwell in 1982

It is said Roman remains were found in the vicinity of Whitecliff Farm, and that it may have been the site of a villa, but there has been no evidence to back this claim.   Roman coins have been found in the sand below the foot of the Grand Hotel.But burial sites have been found in various parts of Swanage, the most impressive being at Ulwell in 1982.

William Masters Hardy related how 8 skeletons were found in June 1904 when he was building a house near the Belle View Restaurant.

In 1953 a grave from around A.D.150 was found in Atlantic Road.

Bones were discovered in the Old Rectory garden 'near the well' in 1881.  Doctors Jumeaux and Delemotte were called to the scene and pronounced the bones to be human.  They condemned the water as 'unsafe' to be on the safe side.

In the 1950's Mr Cyril Parsons found a number of skulls while working on the approach to the Tithe Barn.  While in 1993 more bones were unearthed below the south wall of the Tithe Barn (our old home!)