swanage crocodile
swanage crocodile

Who am I?

My name is Goniopholis but call me

The Swanage Crocodile!

What happens to me next?

My favourite food?

Where did I live?

How did I get here?

I think I might be a bit special, so in the autumn I will be loaned to the Natural History Museum and/or Bristol University for a scientific check-up.  I may even see some of my old mates there!  But after that I hope to move back here to Swanage with all the other old fossils!

Little baby dinosaurs that strayed to near the water's edge, but turtles and fish would do.

In swamps and lagoons.

I died and my soft parts rotted away.  Then my bones were scattered and buried in the mud at the bottom of a lagoon.  I got swished and turned to stone.  Then nothing happened to me for a very, very long time, until I fell out onto the beach in March 2007.  My, how things have changed round here!



How old am I?

130 million years and a few months